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Today, the 17-acre Colt Gateway community captures a special period of time in Downtown Hartford's history and maintains a symbolic connection to the past with its innovative spaces and opportunities for business. As momentum continues to build around the city and its development, Colt Gateway is seeking specialty businesses, shops, cafes, restaurants and galleries to make their home here in our renovated commercial space.

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In business, your address says a lot about who you are as a company. Imagine your address is a 157-year-old historic landmark. This once thriving industrial complex is being transformed into a vibrant and historically preserved work/live community. Colt Gateway is just a quick walk from historic Colt Park, making it an ideal spot to enjoy lunch when the weather is nice. And our commercial space at Colt Gateway is fashioned in a way to ensure optimal work conditions.

The multi-million-dollar interior and exterior restoration will create the Hartford region's most unique mix of retail, commercial and residential space. Situated on the banks of the Connecticut River, the community features 10 distinct buildings that will give businesses impact with century-old architectural accents like exposed brick, wooden beams, spiral staircases and cathedral ceilings—all integrated with modern facilities and amenities.

Colt Gateway is proud to offer your business the perfect location. Our beautiful surrounding area combined with our luxurious Colt Park apartments ensure that your business will thrive for years to come. In such a recognizable and well-known area, your business is sure to attract many customers every day.

We understand how much you need your business to stand out in a beautiful location. Our stunning architecture and clean aesthetic and appeal will draw plenty of patrons to your amazing products and services. And you will feel welcome in no time.

Live-Work Space

Are you interested in living at Colt Gateway, too? Our Coltsville apartments can be just the place for you! Its convenient location near the water in downtown Hartford makes living at Colt Gateway an extraordinary experience. And you are within walking distance of the beautiful Colt Park. This beautiful park of 105 acres was established in 1905 as a gift to the city of Hartford from Samuel and Elizabeth Colt.

Today, this park features such attractions as playgrounds, sports fields, a skating rink and Dillon Stadium, which hosts concerts and sporting events and is home to the New England Nightmare. Due to the park' association with Samuel Colt and designated as a part of the Colt Industrial District, Colt Park was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1976, further cementing its historical roots to the area.

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Living and working at Colt Gateway can be accomplished by renting out both our commercial and residential spaces. Our commercial amenities offer those who wish to work in the area and beautiful, inspired location to work on a daily basis. And by living close to where you work, you will notice how productive your life will become. Avoid lengthy commutes and live within walking space of where you work.

For more information on opening your Colt Park business at Colt Gateway, please contact us today. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our Colt Park location, as well as provide you with any other information you may need for your business. We have great, affordable rates for our Colt Park office space located right in Hartford CT!