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Features of Living at Colt Gateway

There are many great features when you choose to live in the apartments at Colt Gateway. Let's take a look at some of those great features.

Central Air & Central Heat

Our apartments come with central air and central heat, which means you can keep your living space at a comfortable temperature.  Central heating and cooling systems offer many great advantages and we are proud of the systems we have in place for our residents. These are sophisticated systems and more eco-friendly than space heaters and do a better job at regulating temperatures than window units. Our cental air and central heating units are efficient, provide precise temperature control, and provide better air quality and comfort.

We also have high ceiling fans in our apartments, which help to reduce the cooling costs and help to raise the thermostat. And the circulation they provide a living space helps keep the air cleaner and circulated.

Water, Sewer & Trash Removal Included

We include the removal of water, sewer and trash, which allows for a cleaner and healthier living environment. Water services provide clean drinking water and help to prevent the spread of waterborne diseases. By having sewer services, we help remove waste from homes and businesses in the building, which helps to prevent the spread of disease and keeps the environment clean. And with our trash removal, we are keeping the premises clean and litter-free.

On-Site Parking

Having an on-site parking location offers residents some great perks and provides them with a convenient and secure place to park their cars. This helps to reduce traffic congestion and improves the safety of the surrounding area. So when you choose to live at Colt Gateway, you do not have to stress about street parking. Like your home, there is always a spot for you to park your vehicle.

Online Payments

We offer simple, easy online payments for our residents. Here are some benefits of online payments.

  • Cost and time savings
  • Convenience
  • Quick and easy setup
  • Reduced transaction costs

We want to make living at Colt Gateway a great experience and one way we do that is with our online payments portal.

Over-Sized Windows with Custom Window Treatments

With our over-sized windows you get a wonderful view of Hartford, Connecticut and the area surrounding Colt Gateway, which includes Colt Park right across the street. Wake up early and see the sunrise and take in the sunset with a glass of wine. Luxuriate in the beauties of living at Colt!

Stainless Steel Appliances

The apartments at Colt Gateway come complete with stainless steel appliances, which add a neutral appearance to the apartments meaning you can still style how you like. These appliances are top-of-the-line and long-lasting and durable. They are also easy to clean and disinfect, which also adds to their lifespan as an appliance. Lasting, they offer great resistance to stains, rust and corrosion, meaning they will look great for years!

Open Style Kitchens

With the open style kitchens at Colt Gateway, you get some wonderful benefits. These kitchens will make the apartment simply feel bigger due to the simple fact there are fewer walls. This sort of style also offers better traffic flow, which makes it easier to get around the apartment. And if you like having people over your apartment, an open style kitchen makes hosting easier.

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If these features are enticing to you, please reach out to us today to learn more about pricing and availability. We have different types of apartments, which fall under different price structures. But once we talk with you and get an understanding of your living needs and budget, we can come up with a solution that works. Check out our apartments today. And apply for one of our living spaces today.

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For more information about our various living spaces available, please give our office a call. The number to dial is 1-866-522-5000. We look forward to hearing from you and further discussing the wonderful features when you live at Colt Gateway in Hartford, Connecticut!