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Apartment with On-Site Parking Included

Colt Gateway is proud to be an apartment complex that includes on-site parking, because we know how difficult it can be to find parking in busy areas. When you live at Colt, we have our own parking facilities so you do not need to scrounge around the neighborhood looking for an open spot. Learn more about the features of living at Colt Gateway. Apply today to live in one of our new, luxurious apartments.

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When you choose to live at Colt Gateway, you do not have to stress about street parking. There is always a spot for you to park your vehicle, because when you live at Colt you are home. Get in touch with us today to learn more about renting one of our apartments. See what living at Colt Gateway is all about!

Benefits of On-Site Parking

Our on-site parking location offers residents some great perks and provides them with a convenient and secure place to park their cars. Our on-site parking helps to reduce traffic congestion and improves the safety of the surrounding area. So when you choose to live at Colt Gateway, you do not have to stress about street parking. Like your home, there is always a spot for you to park your vehicle. Here are some of the key benefits of having on-site parking.

Always a Place to Park

Anyone who has lived in an apartment in a city knows that parking is tight. And finding parking spots can almost feel like a full-time job. And sometimes when you find the perfect spot, you turn into George Costanza and never want to leave. When you turn to Colt Gateway, you get the luxury of always having a place to park. So you can go out and know that when you come back there is a place to park your car. And no need to worry about someone sneaking into an open spot right before you are going to park.


When your car is on our lot, you have the assurance that it is safe. Street parking can lead to theft, which will not happen with the on-site parking at Colt Gateway. Another safety consideration is yourself. When the car is on our lot, you do not have to venture out to go to your car. It is safe on our lot, so there is no need to worry about going out in the dark to your car and have fear. Lastly, your car is safer from the elements since it is in a big lot. There is no risk of damage from falling trees or debris.

Saves Money

When you live at Colt Gateway, the on-site parking is included. So you will be saving money since you do not have to look elsewhere for parking. Parking lots are expensive and will add up over time. Everyone loves saving money and with our on-site parking included in the apartment rental, you will be able to use that money you save on parking elsewhere.